I was referred to Mr. Hendrix from a family friend who has never steered me in the wrong direction before. Over the past few months of working with Mr. Hendrix I have been very pleased with my outcomes thus far. Every time I have called him either he himself answers the phone or he'll fire back a text letting me know when he'll call me back, he answers day and night I know first hand when I called him around 11:00 pm one night and he took my call to give me advise on a situation. If your looking for a experienced and knowledgeable attorney who is going to work hard to for you then call Tim Hendrix, you'll be glad you did I know I am.

Kevin Carter

Tim has been a fantastic guide in helping my son gain access to his child. He walked us through the process, gave us advice on what to do as we pursued our rights, and gave my son a frank boot to the head to put him in the right frame of mind going into mediation. He promptly answered any and all questions put to him via the online system, and made time for quick questions in person. With his help, we completed a very difficult process and could not be happier with the results. We highly recommend his services, and believe him to be worth so much more than he charges.

Gordon Smith

I would recommend Tim to anyone, if you want an attorney that will fight for you and really care about your best interest. Do you need an attorney? Contact Tim Hendrix, he will do you right!

T. Fine


Jacob S&R

I had to pick an attorney out of the blue because I needed one in another state from where I live. Tim immediately made me feel comfortable with him from our initial phone conversation. After meeting with him in person I was confident I had made the right choice. He is very professional and followed through with everything he said he would. He was able to take care of our case without going to trial and costing me thousands of dollars. I highly recommend Tim if you need an attorney.

S. Jones

Mr. Hendrix is very knowledgeable. Already having had experience in the area of my situation, he helped me understand what to expect and what my rights were and what I should do every step of the way. I really enjoyed being able to contact him with my busy schedule and he was very quick to respond and answer the phone. I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking legal advice or a diligent attorney.

I Gibson

Tim is currently handling 3 cases for me and we got months ahead of us for DVO, EPO, Divorce. Tim will contact other party regarding issues and talking to them. Such a big help and best choice for attorney I made. He knows the law upside down. He uses my case online, anything he does or any paperwork will be scanned and posted online, all you do is log in. If you want a family attorney, don't look any further. Tim is very experienced and a great person to talk to. Thanks Tim.

Damir Cokljat

I would highly recommend Tim Hendrix. He represents my son with his criminal matter and has been honest and supportive. He communicates with us honestly and frequently. I like the email system he has that keeps us up to date on court dates and important matters. Very reasonable and appreciate all he has done.

Joe Wilson

Represented me professionally and easy on the wallet. Tim was able to resolve the case with a favorable outcome. I will always hire Tim to represent me. Highly recommended.

Jonathan Malone

Mr. Hendrix is a wonderful lawyer. He was always there to answer any questions/concerns I had. Always explained everything to me. And got me a way, way better deal then what I was being charged with. And I will most definitely be using Timothy Hendrix again for this next issue I'm dealing with. I would HIGHLY recommend him to any one needing a wonderful and affordable attorney. Thank you for everything Mr. Hendrix.

Mikayla Robledo

Excellent attorney with a great price. Will use him for every legal matter I need in Kentucky.

Drittney Sadler

Mr. Hendrix and his staff were very professional and addressed all of my concerns, in a timely manner. If I ever needed legal services again, I would choose him to represent me.

Jaclyn Hance

Very professional, highly intelligent, answered all my questions. Would highly recommend.

Rhiannon Von Trowa

I highly recommend him to anyone. It was a last minute decision we had to make to find a lawyer and even on such short notice he was there!! Very affordable price and he got the job done. The best one I've seen yet!!

Brooke Miller

Tim represented my family and was able to help with a very difficult time when all hope was lost. Tim provided great direction and helped make it possible get back on the right track. Thanks Tim!

Lisa Silvestri

Got everything I asked for and more! Very down to earth and does his job well!

Maria Wemyss

Did a wonderful job for my son .Best lawyer I have ever seen. Would time anybody call him if u need a great lawyer in your life.THANK U AGAIN !!!!!!!

Donna Gamble

I am a ordinary college student that caught up in deep trouble, i needed some help and Timothy was able to help. I highly recommend anybody to have Timothy to represent you!!