Resolve a Complex Family Law Issue Quickly

Resolve a Complex Family Law Issue Quickly

Hire a child support attorney in Bowling Green, KY

Child support cases are tense, emotionally fraught affairs that require an experienced professional to navigate. Don't face your case alone. Tim Hendrix, Attorney at Law, PLLCs help clients come to agreements on:

  • Custody arrangements and child support obligations
  • Deviations from the standard child support guidelines
  • Modifications to the orignal child support obligations
  • Terminations of the child support obligations

Reach out to a family lawyer in Bowling Green, KY to learn more about the work we do to help parents and guardians protect their families.

Learn how the courts in Kentucky operate

In the state of Kentucky, child support requirements begin as soon as a divorce decree is issued from the court. After the courts issue a child support order, payments must begin. If the noncustodial parent does not continue payments in a timely manner, they will be subject to tax refund interceptions, bank account seizures, driver's license suspensions and other enforcement methods.

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